Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easy Pigs in Blankets

I love sausages. And I love bacon. And what's better than both of them? Both of them together, of course! That's why these tiny pigs in their delicious blankets are one of my favourite ways of eating pork. Pigs in blankets can be made in a variety of ways. This is the simplest version I came across (and in my opinion the most delicious one). I first had them from a tiny Crawshaws outlet. And fell in love with the very first bite! The best bit about making them? They're insanely easy. And here's how.

Oh! One last word: let me mention I shopped my sausages and the bacon from Metro Cash and Carry, Kolkata (just so you know where you're sure to find them).

Chicken Kiev

Molten garlic-y butter with hints of parsley. Who can say no to that? And when that comes out of a chicken fillet parcel? I know, it's too tempting a killer! So this time, I am not going to talk about this and will move on to the recipe :)

PS: This is no mean feat. This one actually requires a lot of work and care at every step, because its speciality lies in that geyser of butter oozing out when it is punctured. So sealing the butter in, in a way that it does not come out while cooking is...well painful.

PPS: Also it's painfully loaded with calories *shy, guilty grin*

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Egg Noodle from the scratch

I still remember trying this recipe at 1 a.m in the morning !! I found this recipe during a casual net surfing in the midnight. My impulsive side got the better of me and I end up making the noodles when rest of my family were snoring happily. But you know what it worth it and yes I will say that even after scaring my grandma in her way to the loo :p .I am sure after reading this recipe all the crazy foodies out there will be equally excited and pat my back for what I did !! What ? you are not convinced yet .... well read it and find out yourself...


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